Dragons in Europe, who provide teachers to our school, organised and accompanied us on our inaugural school trip to Beijing. This provided a well-planned, inspiring and unforgettable experience for the pupils. Xiexie!
Betsan Williams, Deputy Head, The Charter School

Welcome to Dragons in China, the school trips arm of Dragons in Europe.

If you are planning on organising a school trip to China, you can find information about our current tour itineraries here. For more information, please contact us. We are happy to offer advice on how to make the most of a school trip in China, and which activities and visits would be most suitable for your students and trip aims.

Trips can be tailored towards students of Mandarin Chinese by level, or students without any prior knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

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China’s Capital Itinerary

This is our most popular tour, offering a packed and varied itinerary for a reasonable price per student. Students will experience the cultural, historical and political sides of Beijing. They will also have plenty of opportunities to engage with local Chinese people, through exchange activities and real-life-language workshops. 5 full days in-country.

Shanghai with Hangzhou Itinerary

Explore the modern economic powerhouse of Shanghai, whilst appreciating the historical and cultural heritage still key to this fast-changing city. This tour brings a variety of workshops, visits and excursions together to ensure great educational value and an exciting and engaging time in China. Includes a trip to Hangzhou, famous for the West Lake and tea plantations. 7 full days in-country.

Explore the ‘China’s Capital’ Itinerary…
Explore the ‘Shanghai with Hangzhou’ Itinerary…