Shanghai and Hangzhou – 7 full days in-country

  • price includes flights, visas and 1 free staff member for every 10 students

Recommended for school years 8 – 10 as a great way to study Mandarin and explore the modern and traditional sides of the Shanghai metropolis. Also includes a trip to Hangzhou, where students can see the famous West Lake and climb the famous Leifeng Pagoda.


  • 5 hours of Mandarin tuition (teaching programme based on the students’ level of experience)
  • Local exchange activity with local Chinese students
  • Real life language activities and cultural workshops
  • Day trip to Hangzhou with West Lake boat ride and climb up to Leifeng Pagoda
  • Yu Gardens visit and activities
  • The Bund by night visit
  • Kite-flying in century park
  • Cookery and Martial Arts workshops
  • Acrobatics show
  • and much more…

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Day 0

Depart from UK on overnight flight to Shanghai.

Flights and transfers are all included in the the price of the trip. Where direct flights are not available, a connecting flight with minimal transfer time will be arranged.

Day 1

Arrive in Shanghai in the early morning.

Transfer to accommodation by Maglev high-speed train.

Meet and greet local staff.

Cookery Workshop: Learn how to make and feast on Jiaozi (Chinese dumplings) in this hands-on workshop. Jiaozi are a popular food in China and many families eat them for the all important Spring Festival feast. Try your hand at crafting them, and then eat as many as you can with your new chopsticks skills.

Visit Tianzifang: Tianzifang is an area of the old French colonial concession. Nowadays it is a buzzing area of the city with old style buildings and picturesque avenues. Here you can find boutiques exhibiting and selling hand crafts, as well as plenty of street food and snack bars.

Visit Chenghuang Temple: Tucked away amongst the modern high rises of Shanghai is the ancient temple of Shanghai’s walled city. This is a favourite destination for tourists and a great place to seek out and bargain for souvenirs and gifts. Students will be given a bargaining task and introduced to key bargaining vocabulary in order to make the most of their visit here.

Day 2

Everyday language ‘booster’ and Kite Making Workshop: A chance to learn some new words and phrases relevant to the day’s activities. Plus design and make your own kite. Kite-flying is a very popular past-time for Chinese people, and a good opportunity to practise expressing design vocabulary in Chinese.

Visit Century Park and Kite-flying: Now that you’ve completed making your own kite, it’s time to try it out! Century park is situated in the more modern (and more windy) part of the city, east of the Huangpu river, and is a popular place for locals to show off their kite and flying skills. This activity is followed by the picnic in the park.

Martial Arts Workshop: China is famous for it’s long history of martial arts study and practise. Students will be able to try their hand at Kung Fu with a local Kung Fu master to coach them. Martial Arts are best practised outside, so this workshop will take place in the park, weather permitting.

Visit Lujiazui and the top of a skyscraper: Pudong (the eastern part of the city) is famous for it’s modern skyline and huge skyscrapers. Students will have a chance to visit one of these new iconic buildings and travel all the way to the top. From there they will get great views of the city and a real sense of the scale of the Shanghai megalopolis.

Day 3

Travel to Hangzhou: experience China’s new bullet-train network by traveling to the city of Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province south of Shanghai.

Visit West Lake in Hangzhou: Hangzhou’s West Lake has been the subject of poems and stories in Chinese literature for hundreds of years. Situated just next to the city, it now attracts tourists who search out the lotus flowers that grow by the banks and spend time walking around the lake. Students will have the chance to take a boat ride on the lake and experience its tranquil charm first-hand. Hangzhou is also a great place to taste Chinese tea, as many of the surrounding mountains are covered in tea plantations.

Visit Leifeng Pagoda in Hangzhou: The Leifeng Pagoda was reconstructed after collapse in 1924, and has since become a very popular tourist attraction. The climb up to the top is rewarded by stunning views of the West Lake and the pagoda itself is a great example of Chinese architectural achievement.

Return to Shanghai by bullet-train.

Day 4

Chinese Radical Workshop: Gain an invaluable insight into Chinese characters and the logic and culture behind the writing system in this engaging linguistic workshop. Also learn some key vocabulary for using in the coming day’s activities.

Visit Shanghai Science and Technology Museum: Shanghai’s recent surge in development can be partially attributed to the scientific and technological revolutions happening all over the world. The visit to the Science and Technology Museum will help students gain a better understanding of key moments in recent scientific discovery, and introduce new technological concepts in a fun and interactive way.

Chinese History and Culture Workshop: A chance for students to gain a deeper insight and understanding of the sites and cultural heritage of the country they are exploring. This will include fun activities such as a Chinese chess class and competition.

Visit Nanjing Pedestrian Street and see The Bund at night. Join the throngs of shoppers and tourists on Nanjing Road, which leads to the Huangpu River bank and the Bund, a British colonial remnant opposite modern Shanghai skyscrapers. Here you can gaze upon the world-famous Shanghai skyline and observe Chinese people relaxing in the fast-changing city.

Day 5

Majiang (Mahjong) Workshop: A chance to learn some new words and phrases relevant to the day’s activities. Plus learn how to play popular game, Majiang, and take part in a tournament. Majiang is very popular among Chinese people, and although the law prohibits gambling in the home, fortunes are won and lost on a daily basis in this game.

Food Culture Experience and Workshop: Eating is a huge part of Chinese culture and social life. With this in mind students will learn about and taste traditional Shanghai food. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to make dumplings and Shanghai wontons. Another great chance to learn some every-day vocabulary and skills!

Ping-pong lessons and tournament: We round off the day of Chinese culture and discovery by playing some games of table tennis. Students will be encouraged to learn new techniques and compete in a tournament.

Day 6

Beijing Opera Mask Workshop: Learn about the unique art form of Chinese opera. Develop your vocabulary with words specific to opera and the description of masks. Then make your own mask!

Acting class: After almost a whole week in Shanghai, your Chinese should be fully activated! Now it’s time to put to use your new fluency and vocabulary. The acting class will give you an opportunity to show off your pronunciation and creativity, whilst learning about traditional acting techniques and operatic style!

Visit Jing’An Temple:Jing’an temple is one of Shanghai’s most visited attractions. Just a short walk from the accommodation and nestled in amongst modern high rise and shopping centres, the temple is a surprising retreat from the hubbub of modern Shanghai. At the temple you can see ancient paintings, calligraphy works and a Ming dynasty bronze bell. Dinner will be taken here, and it’s your chance to order your food yourself!

Day 7

Real life Language Workshop: bargaining in the market. A key skill to possess when in China is how to shop in the market. This workshop will equip you with the skills necessary to get the best price for your veggies and complete the transaction like a local. Afterwards, we’ll use your purchases to make lunch and share together in true Chinese style.

Chinese Acrobatics Show: Chinese acrobats can be seen in circuses and performances all over the world. But no-where will they dazzle and astound you like they do in China itself. A lovely way to wrap up the trip and leave a lasting impression of Chinese culture before heading home.

Day 8

Depart from Shanghai and arrive same day in London.

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